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Module @simplewebauthn/typescript-types


Type Aliases

AttestationConveyancePreference: "direct" | "enterprise" | "indirect" | "none"
AuthenticatorAttachment: "cross-platform" | "platform"
AuthenticatorDevice: { counter: number; credentialID: Buffer; credentialPublicKey: Buffer; transports?: AuthenticatorTransportFuture[] }

A WebAuthn-compatible device and the information needed to verify assertions by it

Type declaration

AuthenticatorTransport: "ble" | "internal" | "nfc" | "usb"
AuthenticatorTransportFuture: "ble" | "internal" | "nfc" | "usb" | "cable" | "hybrid"

A super class of TypeScript's AuthenticatorTransport that includes support for the latest transports. Should eventually be replaced by TypeScript's when TypeScript gets updated to know about it (sometime after 4.6.3)

Base64URLString: string

An attempt to communicate that this isn't just any string, but a Base64URL-encoded string

BufferSource: ArrayBufferView | ArrayBuffer
COSEAlgorithmIdentifier: number
CredentialDeviceType: "singleDevice" | "multiDevice"

The two types of credentials as defined by bit 3 ("Backup Eligibility") in authenticator data:

  • "singleDevice" credentials will never be backed up
  • "multiDevice" credentials can be backed up
PublicKeyCredentialType: "public-key"
ResidentKeyRequirement: "discouraged" | "preferred" | "required"
UserVerificationRequirement: "discouraged" | "preferred" | "required"
UvmEntries: UvmEntry[]
UvmEntry: number[]

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